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Typewritten, one-page letter (presumably from Gordon K. Stewart) to the Detroit Aircraft Corporation, dated April 11, 1931. The letter makes reference to the aircraft and engine obtained by Yukon Airways and Exploration Co. Ltd. in September, 1930 and for which the Detroit Aircraft Corporation had yet to receive payment.
Instruments, controls and the Wright Whirlwind J5 engine were retrieved from the wreck of the Queen of the Yukon II in the hopes that they would be of use on another aircraft. Money was raised through mine owners to have the parts taken to Patterson, New Jersey to obtain another plane. Stewart was appointed by James F. Finnegan to accompany the shipment and make arrangements to take delivery of a new aircraft in St. Louis, Missouri and for the Wright Whirlwind J5 engine to be repaired in Patterson, New Jersey. In September 1930, the motor was installed in a new Ryan B7 monoplane complete with salvaged parts from the Queen of the Yukon II. By this time, the men backing the company were unable to meet their stock commitments and Yukon Airways and Exploration Co. Ltd. could not afford to take delivery of the new aircraft as the motor repair was paid for but there was no money for the airplane
The situation remained in limbo for about a year until it was eventually appropriated for charges on the airplane and storage and thus it was never brought back to the Yukon. (From interview with Gordon K. Stewart, November, 1977).
In October 1930, Ryan aircraft became a subsidiary of the Detroit Aircraft Corporation and the ship ordered by Yukon Airways and Exploration Co. Ltd. was then moved to Detroit.
By this time, Gordon Stewart was living at his parents' house in Seattle as the return address indicates.