Stewart Collection ➔ Minutes

Archival Item

Typewritten document on legal sized paper: Minutes of the meeting of directors of Yukon Airways and Exploration Co. Ltd., dated January 25, 1930 at Keno, Yukon. Details financial considerations of the company and appoints Gordon K. Stewart as Business Manager for the company, authorizing him "to make all negotiations for the installation of motor and equipment in a new plane...further the interests of said Company to the best of his knowledge and ability." Signed in ink by James F. Finnegan and Gordon K. Stewart.
Gordon K. Stewart was appointed business manager of Yukon Airways and Exploration Co., Ltd. on January 25, 1930. According to son Jerry Stewart , he struggled to keep the company alive, and was not likely paid for his efforts.
(From "Yukon Airways Addendum" provided by Donor Jerry Stewart.)