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2008.5.56 a-b
a) Black and white photograph of Yukon Airways & Exploration Company Ltd. airplane Northern Light. Plane's registration, G-CAUZ is visible on the underside of the wing. Two men are standing in front of the plane, both dressed in flight suits, complete with hat and goggles. The man on the PR is pilot John Patterson and the other is Clyde Wann? or Percy Nelson? The words "Northern Light" are visible on the exterior of the cockpit. The plane's propellor, engine , wings and wheels are visible. A hill/mountain is in the background.
Photograph has a 0.5 cm white border around it.
Caption provided by donor reads:"Pictures taken on trip from factory/ J5 Eaglerock"
b) Copy of above
See 2008.5.54
The G-CAUZ replaced the Queen of the Yukon which crashed May 5th, 1928 and was wrecked, as a new Ryan could not be purchased on such short notice. The Alexander Eaglerock was an open-cockpit, 3 passenger plane. Christened the "Northern Light", the aircraft lasted 13 months with Yukon Airways and Exploration Company Limited, before being wrecked in a crash at Coalmine Lake near Carmacks on November 29, 1929.
Pilot John M. Patterson joined Yukon Airways in 1928 when he ferried the "Northern Light" from Colorado to Mayo and stayed to fly the aircraft until delivery could be taken of the second Ryan.