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2008.5.34 a-b
Typewritten, one-page letter addressed to Gordon K. Stewart from the office of the dean of the University of Washington, granting a leave of absence for Stewart from his studies. Dated August 24, 1929.
There is a University of Washington watermark on the paper.
The letter is addressed to "Gordon K. Stewart/ General Delivery/ Wrangel, Alaska"
"Wrangel" is crossed out and "Whitehorse, YT" is written in red ink. The letter was missent to Prince Rupert with a postmark dated Sept 11, 1929; the reverse of the envelope has a postmark which reads "White Horse/ Yukon / Oct?, 1929"
Gordon Stewart joined Yukon Airways & Exploration Company Ltd. in the summer of 1929 when the company purchased a new Ryan B5, to be the Queen of the Yukon II. The plane was picked up in St. Louis, Missouri by pilot John Patterson and flown to Seattle, Washington. It was in Seattle that Gordon Stewart began his tenure with Yukon Airways.