Stewart Collection ➔ Pass

Archival Item

Diamond-shaped pink cardstock pass with a pink string looped through hole at top, permitting Gordon Stewart access through the mill of the Powell River Company. Pass reads: "Pass/ G.K. Stewart/ through mill this date/ date Aug 23/29/ signed by J.F. Flett/ per J.K.Y?/ Powell River Company/ Limited/ Powell River, B.C."
Gordon Stewart joined Yukon Airways & Exploration Company Ltd. in the summer of 1929 when the company purchased a new Ryan B5, to be the Queen of the Yukon II. The plane was picked up in St. Louis, Missouri by pilot John Patterson and flown to Seattle, Washington. It was in Seattle that Gordon Stewart began his tenure with Yukon Airways. Pontoons were fitted on the plane at Renton airport and they began their barnstorming trip up the west coast of B.C. Powell River was a stop along the way.